Scope and Topics

The 25th International Conference on Amorphous and Nano-crystalline Semiconductors continues the series of biennial conferences that has become the principal international gathering of researchers in the field of amorphous semiconductors and related materials. The conference has a long tradition and history dating to the first meeting held in Prague in 1965. The early meetings focused on the fundamental physics of amorphous semiconductors, principally formed from chalcogens and group IV elements as well as liquid semiconductors. In recent years, the scope of the conference has broadened to include oxide and organic semiconductors as well as the related nano- and microcrystalline semiconductors. As these materials found uses in electronics and other technologies, sessions on devices and applications were organized and are now a significant part of the conference.

Papers are welcome on all aspects of amorphous and nano-crystalline semiconductors. Topics include the fundamental physics and chemistry governing electronic and physical structure, preparation and characterization of materials, measurements and modeling of electronic, optical and physical properties, and applications including phtovoltaics, sensors, TFTs, and LEDs. Material systems include amorphous and nano-crystalline group IV elements and alloys, chalcogenide glasses, oxide semiconductors, and organic semiconductors in the form of thin films, bulk, multilayers, or nano-structures.