The Proceedings of ICANS25 will be published in a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Physics as "Special Issue for the 25th Anniversary of the International Conference on Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Semiconductors". All submitted papers will be rigorously reviewed by two independent referees and only those that meet the journal's high standard will be accepted. The Canadian Journal of Physics was founded in 1929, and is a well known and well respected peer-reviewed journal. It is published by Canadian Science Publishing (publisher of the NRC Research Press Journals). It has subscriptions and readership in more than 175 countries, and is abstracted and included in the Web of Science, SciVerse Scopus, and other major databases. In addition, authors retain copyright, there are no fees for authors to reuse their published material, and authors can request a free PDF of their published article for their own personal use.

All conference participants will be given a password for electronic access to the special issue once it is published. You will be able to download all the articles from the special issue


The submission deadline for all manuscripts is Monday October 21, 2013 at midnight (US EST). Papers submitted after the deadline will need special approval. Contact the Conference General Chair (Professor Kasap) or the Coordinating Editor (Professor Reznik) if you are going to be late, and provide reasons. (We cannot give special permissions for manuscripts that will be more than 2 weeks late.)

Contributions must
(a) contain original work not published previously,
(b) be of high standard, and
(c) have addressed issues or criticisms that have been raised during the conference.

Regular contributions should not exceed 5 actual printed journal pages. If your paper exceeds 5 printed pages, your manuscript may need shortening after the review. A regular paper can exceed 5 printed journal pages if you are combining two presentations; or obtained special permission. If you are combining two presentations, please indicate this in the submission cover letter.

Invited papers may be up to 7 printed pages and may be reviews. If the manuscript is a review, it must be identified as such in the submission. Reviews need not contain original data but must provide a critical re-examination of facts or provide new ideas. Plenary papers can be upto 8 pages.

Prepare your manuscript according to the guidelines of the journal given here. --> manuscript guidelines

An example of an article published in CJP can be downloaded here. --> article Use the example as a guide for estimating page length, for reference format, etc. Use this published article to roughly estimate the number of printed pages for your manuscript. You are only required to estimate the length not calculate it exactly, e.g. assume 1 figure = 1/6 of a page. You will receive instructions if the paper is too long after the review. You do not need to submit a camera ready manuscript. The manuscript will be type-set by CJP.

Fill out and copy this form as the first page of your manuscript. --> submission form

Before submitting your manuscript you must register at Click on "Register here" under "New User?".

Then submit your manuscript at after logging in.


1. The submission form must be the first (front) page of the manuscript you submit. If the form is not the first page, your submission will not be flagged for the special issue.

2. It is not necessary to fill in the CJP copyright form during the submission process. You can download and fill in the copyright form after you have submitted your manuscript. It can be signed electronically, but all authors must sign. They can each sign a separate copy but the title of the paper should be the same on all the forms. Signed forms can be uploaded at ScholarOne or submitted electronically to Download -> copyright form

3. During the submission processes, you will be asked to suggest possible referees. Suggest 4–5 researchers in your field as potential referees. They should not be contacted. We may or may not choose from this list.

4. Color figures are free online but have a fee if you would like them printed in color in the journal (color hard copy). If you would like the figures printed in color, then please fill in this form -> color form


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